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Launched in 2012, Alibaba.ir is the leading platform for online booking of domestic and international flight tickets and domestic trains as well. In addition to our 450 dedicated, talented and outstanding employees, what distinguishes us is our organizational culture. Integrity, authenticity, commitment to something bigger than you, neutral dialogue and authentic listening are leadership rules, which we practice every moment in Alibaba.

Considering personal development as a prerequisite for professional development, we value the quality of life of our employees and we all together give it our full measure to create an appropriate travel experience for any Iranian.

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Current openings

Network Security Engineer
Python Web Developer
Software Development
PR Supervisor
سرپرست حقوقی
Help Desk
Product Owner
Product Development
کارشناس ارشد توسعه کسب و کار
Full Stack Developer
Software Development
Senior Front-End Developer
Software Development
Senior Back-End Developer
Software Development
Sales Accounting Responsible
کارشناس فروش و پشتیبانی : هتل و پرواز
دفتر خدمات مشتریان
Content Specialist (Copywriter)
Senior Brand Management Specialist
طراح ارشد گرافیک
Digital Marketing Expert


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