Continuous Improvement Manager

Job description

  • Lead the continuous improvement program in the organization including operational excellence, process improvement, problem solving, productivity improvement, quality enhancement, increasing internal & external customer satisfaction, automation of manual processes, etc.
  • Design and standardize the continuous improvement methodology, tools, templates, etc. and define related strategies, policies, operational plan and approach
  • Empower and assist all departments in continuous improvement including recruitment & training of new employees, holding training workshops, coaching teams and individuals involved in continuous improvement, facilitating workshops and projects, implementing solutions and managing change
  • Manage the portfolio of continuous improvement projects and establish continuous improvement culture
  • Collect improvement requirements, prioritize and plan to address them
  • Make sure the solutions are being implemented, measure their outcome & performance and provide reports to senior management regarding the continuous improvement program


  • Industrial engineering, management or similar degree, preferably Master’s level
  • Preferably 30 to 35 years, definitely under 40
  • At least 5 years of total work experience, at least 3 years of experience related to continuous improvement, at least 1 year experience of team management and leadership as well as implementing new departments & programs in a large organization
  • Skillful at collaboration, communication & stakeholder management at all organizational levels
  • Familiar with startups as well as online, internet-based, service-based, technology or knowledge based, etc. companies and experience working in them especially large & complex ones
  • Highly motivated to make improvements, increase productivity, enhance quality, etc.
  • Rich knowledge in business processes & continuous improvement and ability to train, coach, facilitate and hold workshops
  • Skillful at design, modeling, documentation, analysis, improvement, implementation, management and performance measurement of processes as well as related methodologies, tools, frameworks, standards & continuous improvement approaches such as Lean, Kaizen & Six Sigma
  • Training & certifications related to continuous improvement especially Lean, Kaizen & Six Sigma
  • Skillful at BPMN process modeling standard as well as process modeling software
  • Able to establish continuous improvement culture, manage change & lead transformation
  • Skillful at active listening, analysis, problem solving, fast learning, systematic thinking, flexibility, organization, follow up, attention to details, data analysis, attention to details, project management, cross functional team leadership and meeting management
  • Able to read, write and understand in English
  • Good at MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook and standard enterprise software