Creative Traffic Manager

Job description

We are looking for an, experienced Advertising Agency Traffic Manager to work in our in-house Studio.As a traffic manager, you will be expected to lead people and teams under tight deadlines and will need to be cool under pressure and a people-person. You should be very organized, and detail oriented and have an analytical mind to understand complex processes, you will be dealing with a lot of timelines and numbers, your daily duties involve interaction with different members of each department. and also Help to write creative briefs and presentations, making presentations that explain clearly to our teams what they should be doing. Then there’s the financial and admin side, such as tracking finances and people’s tasks and hours, and whether we are sticking to the budgets we’ve assigned.

Every job that comes into the studio must flow through these departments on time, and it is the traffic manager’s responsibility to make sure that happens.

  • Oversee the flow of all campaign and project deliverables assigned to the creative team, from design to production.
  • Create project schedules, maintain a team schedule, monitor workloads, and track progress on deliverables. ( existing projects, and new projects coming into the studio).
  • Manage scope of work relative to specific needs and financial constraints.
  • Update and maintain the project schedule and e project roadmap for a creative team.
  • Work with freelancers and temporary contractors, getting them up to speed on jobs they will assist with.


  • 5+ years’ of professional experience
  • Bachelor of MBA-Arts-Visual Communication major, or Degree in the field of advertising, marketing
  • Experience working closely with a Production Team, with strong understanding of branding, advertising and marketing process
  • advanced understanding of social media and the latest trends associated with the technology (research when needed)
  • Sending work portfolio is required