Network Security Engineer

Job description

- Implement and Operate Network Devices; e.g. Switches, Routers, Load Balancers, etc.

- Implement and Operate Network Security Devices; e.g. Firewalls, UTMs, VPN Servers, etc.

- Configuring and implementing new technologies in order to increase efficiency.

- Documenting the details of the network working processes.

- Monitoring the network by means of related software. - Analysis and control of network traffic, and managing the network traffic.


- BS+ Degree in Computer Engineering, Information Technology or Related Fields

- Minimum of 3 years related job experience.

- Deep Knowledge on Networking Concepts e.g. IP Addressing, Switching, Routing , Load Balancing, Caching & Proxy, etc.

- Deep Knowledge on Network Security Concepts e.g. Firewalling, Intrusion Prevention, Tunneling & VPN, Authentication, etc.

- Good Knowledge and Experience with Cisco Network & Network Security Products and other related vendors.

- Good Knowledge and Experience with Windows and Linux Server Operating Systems

- Experienced in Troubleshooting and Optimizing Systems in Live Operational Environments

- Ability to Work Efficiently as a Team Member in Project-based or Operational Tasks

- Certification in Related Fields is a Plus