Product Designer

Job description

Alibaba is looking for an experienced Product Designer to join us. This role is key to helping our product become more awesome and accessible on all platforms.


One of the principles of our design team is to ‘show the future’. As designers we transport the rest of the company into a future we’re yet to build. A big part of the role of a product designer at Alibaba is to be a visionary—visualizing and reinventing the future of design.


Product Designers at Alibaba work from the early stages, they find the right problem to tackle, explore ideas of how to solve them, and then refine them until become a coherent solution. Our product designers carry out research, brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and collaboration with our product managers and engineers to ship great products.


You have at least 3 years of experience designing, building and shipping quality mobile apps or websites.

A portfolio that demonstrates experience in product thinking where you have previously shipped UX/UI design for mobile products.

You have a strong grasp on designing for all mobile web, Android and iOS including their respective design guidelines.

You are a designer that is constantly inspired—motivating those around you through your passion and drive for what you do.

You are excited by regularly coming up with new ideas, shipping new products and features that address your users’ real needs.

You thrive in a collaborative workplace; partnering with other designers, engineers, product developers and other disciplines throughout the company.

You appreciate big picture thinking. While details are everything, creating an experience that always keeps our users in mind is equally as important.

You are a problem solver that's excited by a challenge. You enjoy sitting in a room and whiteboarding ideas to confidently come up with simple, elegant solutions that everyone can move forward with.  

You are familiar with Design Language Systems and can create, use and contribute to our DLS.

You have strong prototyping skills (InVision, Framer, Principle, Flinto or any other solutions of you choice).

You have had a long relationship with developers of all kinds.

You have shipped a few products in the past, not just websites.