Senior Legal Specialist

Job description

- Drafts, reviews, and finalizes contracts and other legal documents to ensure adherence to company policies, specifications, and good business practices;

- Collaborate with commercial and procurement, marketing, product, and financial departments to achieve their inquiries and provide best solution and guidance on variant issues;

- Provide advice and legal solution to management legal manager on any legal issues as daily happen;

- Respond to proposals for specific customer requirements, draft contracts or any other legal document;

- Participates in contract negotiation and contract review;

- Draft minutes, control and submit company's formal changes;

- Prepare and revise contract templates as required;

- Performing extensive legal research and analysis in e-commerce law;

- Deal and respond to inquiries of FATA police of Iran;

If he/she is a lawyer, participate in courts or related organizations as a lawyer or delegate of company to claim and defend in any cases


- Master’s degree in law.

- A minimum of 4 years’ experience in a similar role.

- Excellent oral and written communication skills.

- Excellent ICDL and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook) skills.

- In-depth knowledge of contract documents, and legal specifications.

- Outstanding negotiation and interpersonal skills.

- Ability to resolve client complaints and concerns.