Strategy & Business Development Manager

Job description

  • Handle strategic planning processes including design, planning, communication, execution, revision, monitoring and performance measurement
  • Assist senior management in setting goals & objectives, decision making, developing strategies and execution plans, leveraging competitive advantage, etc.
  • Collaborate with board, CEO, senior managers, stakeholders, investors and business partners in order to develop the business and its strategies
  • Lead a team of business analysts to monitor market trends & competitors, conduct research, carry out business & strategic analysis, provide reports & scenarios, benchmark, collect & analyze data, build what-if scenarios, etc.
  • Empower business lines, departments & teams to develop business & strategies and establish strategic thinking as well as systematic and data-driven decision making culture
  • Discover and develop business development opportunities and write business plans
  • Find potential business partners and conduct negotiation, reach agreement and establish partnerships
  • Solve business problems and challenges at strategic level


  • Preferably MBA degree or similar Master’s degree Preferably 30 to 35 years, definitely under 40
  • At least 5 years of total work experience, at least 3 years of experience related to strategy & business development, at least 1 year experience of team management and leadership as well as implementing new departments & programs in a large organization
  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with executives, senior managers, stakeholders, investors & business partners
  • Familiar with online businesses, startups, e-commerce, technology & knowledge based companies and their challenges during scale and preferably have work experience in them especially in large and complex organizations
  • High energy and motivation to conduct strategic planning & business development
  • Ability to develop the business through execution of strategies and close collaboration with executives, stakeholders, investors and business partners
  • Deep knowledge in strategy and business development field and able to train & coach employees at all levels and facilitate workshops
  • Ability to design, plan, execute and monitor strategies and measure their performance
  • Skillful at methodologies, tools, frameworks, standards and approaches related to strategy and business development and able to write business plans
  • Certifications or training in strategy and business development
  • Ability to establish strategic thinking as well as systematic & data-driven decision making culture
  • Competent in analysis, planning and problem solving in uncertain and ambiguous situations
  • Ability to negotiate with business partners, reach agreements and draft contracts